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Genre: Sci-Fi


Three scavenger kids searching the wilderness for scraps in the distant future, stumble upon a hidden treasure from the distant past.


Genre: Drama/Thriller


A young New York professional struck with severe insomnia puts his life on hold as he desperately tries to pinpoint the source of this affliction after agonizing weeks of sleepless nights.

Happy New Job

Genre: Comedy

A party animal finance bro plows his way to a job interview in the roughest of conditions.

Water For Two

Genre: Drama

Two men stranded in the desert fight over a most valuable resource.

Carwash of Doom

Genre: Horror

Friendly neighborhood carwash turns to the dark side.


Genre: Thriller

A quiet New York City street corner turns into a Mexican standoff of distracted passersby.

Happy New Love

Genre: RomCom

Two hopeful romantics desperately search for each other in a virtual quest for true love.


Genre: Scifi

The stream of consciousness of a savant genius reveals a rare gift of memory.

Tape Ninja

Genre: Action

Un unexpected warrior hones her special craft.

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